About, Ina Kvarsvik


I am passionate about connecting with other people, their lives and their personalities. It´s truly a blessing! Each and every individual is unique, and at the same time I find that so many people conform to the molds and judgements of other people- and start to struggle because of it. I believe in being authentic. I believe in the healing power of acceptance, and that every individual is infinetely precious and worthy. Laughter is releasing, and chances are we will laugh more than once during our meeting. My aim is never to tell you what is true or not, it is to help you find out what is true for you.

I have been clairvoyant from a young age, and I have clients that have followed me for as much as 20 years. I have been amazed by the fact that the most invincible and successful among us can still feel small, scared and vulnerable. I have been equally amazed to see enormous strength in seemingly fragile human beings... This is what drives me and inspires me!

My English is fluent and I am more than happy to give sessions in English. Welcome!