Reading/ clairvoyance

During a reading I will connect with your energy, and provide guidance by receiving information about you and for you. This can shed light on both past, present and future. Much of the time I receive information as pictures, it may come as sentences or it may appear in my mind as spontaneous knowing as I am sitting in front of a client. I only work with positive energies, and if I do need to pass on information that is challenging there will always be a positive and constructive reason for that, and I will suggest a solution and possible ways to face that specific challenge. Occasionally I will connect with spirit guides and loved ones on the other side as well. Together we will look at the matters that are important to you right now, and of course you will get to ask questions (names and specific questions tend to trigger information with me). If you prefer I will also use Tarot cards. My readings will often blend with coaching, because sometimes a reading will raise topics that need to be talked about more in depth to provide you with the guidance you need.



I did my first course in Theta Healing in 2009, with the extraordinary Stephen Roy Parker as my teacher. In 2014 I took the advanced course, in London with Anna Kitney, also an amazing instructor. Since then I have used this method (founded by Vianna Stibal) with clients, and have had some beautiful reports back. During a healing session I will meditate and connect with the light, and from there I will connect with and work through your energy field (no physical touching involved). My job, as I see which areas need to be worked on, is to ask for the healing that needs to be done and then witness as it happens. We may work on physical issues, or it may be blockages and issues that are more mental or emotional. Put simply, we all carry “truths” about ourselves and the world around us, consciously and subconsciously. These “truths” are constantly active, and they´re not always good for us. If you carry beliefs that are no longer serving you, during a healing we can ask for those to be removed and replaced with more positive ones. I may suggest some more positive belief “downloads” for you, with your permission. You can then start building a whole new outlook that could change your life. We will use coaching to identify limiting beliefs.



I have done two modules in coaching at Oslo University College, one in 2010 (motivational interviewing/ MI) and one in 2010 (life coaching). During a coaching session, we will focus on your personal development. Do you have goals you want to reach? A desire to see changes in your life? You may have important choices to make, or you may be navigating in chaotic and challenging circumstances. Or maybe you simply feel that more awareness will give you a better quality of life? As your coach I will be your conversation partner, asking the right questions so that you yourself can come up with the answers that are right for you.


House cleansings

The presence of energies in your home is not always pleasant- it can be disturbing, which is usually when people contact me for help. During a cleansing I will assist the spirit(s) that are “between lives” in crossing over to the light. I do this by connecting with the light, same as with the healing, asking that the soul be guided into the light and witnessing as it happens. I will then cleanse and balance the energy in the house, clearing any residual negative energies. If necessary I will provide healing to the client(s) living there. The desired result is of course peace for everyone involved. I have successfully done remote house cleansing, but I do prefer to physically be on the location. I will ask for as little information as possible in advance. If you are experiencing phenomenons in your home that you think a house cleansing may help, do not hesitate to contact me, even if it is just a general feeling of being unsettled and/ or feeling that there is a presence there- I am happy to help.